Charles Edouard Jacot, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, pocket watch with patented movement construction in mint condition from 1882

This outstanding pocket watch from a great master has one oft he most aestethic pocket watch movements. This movement design was patented by Jacot in 1867.

The 18 carat gold case is engine turned with reeded band in like new condition!

Screwed gold chatons, gold screw compensation balance, counterpoised lever.

54mm diameter, 146g.

C. Edouard Jacot (1817 – 1897) had a reputation as a specialist in escapements. The renowned innovator worked and researched in the US for 20 years, before he returned to Switzerland. His

most commonly used patent was the „Jacot duplex escapement“, also known as „Chinese duplex escapement“

A wonderful watch in unbelievable condition!