Longines chronometer, calibre 21.59, unworn openface watch in 18 ct. Gold, original mahogany box!

Heavy open face Longines pocket chronometer in 18 ct. from around 1890 in original mahogany box in unworn condition. Beautiful watch from this famous company. Caliber 21.59 was developed by Longines in 1888. The company was engaged in high precision timekeeping to that time and produced its first movement for a certified chronometer, the 21.59 calibre.cThis chronometer movement is based on a calibre developed in 1878 which is adapted to improve its accuracy. (website Longines) A pocket watch with this calibre won the „Grand prix“ in 1900 on the world exhibition in Paris. After Worldwar 1 Longines chronometers were part of the expeditions of Locatelli, Amundsen and Byrd!

This object is in like new condition, in particular the engine turning is extremely crisp. Unusual is the very high grade outfit of this watch with the heavy 18 ct. case and glaced movement! Diameter is 56 mm, watch weighs 136 grams!

Very nice original mahogany box!

Beautiful and important ensemble from famous Swiss manufacturer!