Patek Philippe, Geneva, Heavy Openface Chronometer with Extract Observatory Geneva from 1895

This heavy open face Patek Philippe lever chronometer is exceptional:
Heavy 18 ct. open face case in outstanding condition, monogramed on back, dustcover signed! 54mm diameter, 143g!
Perfect preserved dial with red minute graduation, gold Louis XV-hands
Extremely rare Patek observatory movement with 3 screwed gold-chatons, diamond-endstone and large chronometer balance wheel. This extremely rare observatory-movement was produced by Patek in a very low number of items with spring detent and lever escapement. This watch comes with lever escapement. It was prescribed that the movements had to be signed twice on a bridge and on the plate with the movement number for observatory contests.
This chronometer watch took part in Geneva observatory contest 1895 and achieved a pass mark of 200 points „1re Classe mention Honorable“. The watch comes with an extract of the Geneva chronometer archives!
An extract from Patek Philippe archives is requested!
Distinguished object in wonderful condition from the most famous swiss manufacturer!