Tiffany & Co., Geneva, openface 5-minute repeating split second chronograph with regulator dial

This pocket watch from the Geneva manufacturer Tiffany, made in 1878, represents finest watchmaking of that time. This beauty with split second chronograph and 5-minute repeater shows us a (to that time!) modern regulator dial. This is a „high end“ watch in all parts. Unusual ist the „real“ regulator dial with separately working hour- and minute hands. Most of the regulator dials of that time had minute- and hour hands together in one subdial.
Heavy 18ct yellow gold case with glazed movement, diameter 58mm, 182g, very heavy for an open face watch!! The watch has been serviced by our watchmaker 2 years ago and is in perfect condition!!
The world famous Tiffany group, founded in NYC in 1837,  established a watch manufactory in Geneva in 1874 where high end watches were produced. In 1878 the factory was sold to Patek Philippe. So it is not astonishing that identical watches were also sold with the Patek label!