Ulysse Nardin, chronometer pocket watch with chronometer confirmation from Neuchâtel 1938, historically interesting cuvette engraving!

This outstanding 18 ct, pocket watch from Swiss manufacturer Ulysse Nardin shows two really interesting aspects: 1.The watch comes with a confirmation that this watch took part in a chronometer contest in 1938 at Neuchâtel Observatory with the complete results!

Furthermore there is a really historically interesting engraving, which honors Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of Great Britain by the city of Neuchâtel for his „appeasement policy“ in 1938, the foreign policy of British prime minister towards Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

This policies have been the subject of intense debate for more than seventy years among academics, politicians and diplomats. The historians‘ assessments have ranged from condemnation for allowing Adolf Hitler’s Germany to grow too strong, to the judgment that they had no alternative and acted in their country’s best interests. At the time, these concessions were widely seen as positive, and the Munich Pact concluded on 30 September 1938 among Germany, Britain, France, and Italy prompted Chamberlain to announce that he had secured „peace for our time“


An exceptional high quality watch! But not only a wonderful watch but also an interesting contemporary witness!!